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Publish or Perish: Reprint Policies for Publishers and Webmasters

For every article on our site, you must comply with the following requirements before publishing or reprinting it:

  • Respect the authors’ copyright by posting the full article exactly as it was originally written.
  • Accept the whole resource box or SIG line at the conclusion of the article.
  • It is agreed that the article’s title and content will not be altered in any manner.
  • This means you’re in agreement to keep the link’s current state as Active/Linkable.
  • Agree to provide the article source credit underneath each republished article with a live link:
  • It is your agreement that no articles found on this site will be posted anywhere on the internet where they will be linked to as part of any illegal activities such as sharing warez, illegal mp3 files, bomb-making and stealing instructions, expressions that promote hatred and profanity and racism and bigotry, as well as pornography.
  • Assert your right not to reproduce any articles from this site through unsolicited email.
  • Accept the agreement to never sell any article from the lietuviu.com directory.
  • Affirm the commitment to always provide content for free to anybody who want to read it.
  • Adopt an article reuse policy that limits you to reprinting no more than 25 unique articles from our site per calendar year on each unique domain you control. You are also restricted to reprinting no more than 250 articles per year if you own a lot of websites (10 sites x 25 articles reprinted per domain).
  • This content will never be used in any way in an audio or video derivative.
  • Consensus is reached that no content from our site will be translated into any other language at any time. Our content may not be used in the creation of any new works.
  • Agree not to link to any of our articles in any way. This unethical action might cause someone to assume that the author of the article approves the active link, when that is not the case.
  • Reprinting of any author photo or image from our site is strictly prohibited, and you agree not to do so. 

You are using lietuviu.com, our newsletter, RSS feed, and our website at your own risk.

However, we have authorization to publish the articles available on our site, even if we do not hold the rights to them in general.

You don’t need the author’s permission to use any of the articles in our directory as long as you agree to the terms mentioned in section 1a) through 1n).

You should notify the author when you republish one of their articles out of politeness, however we are not currently giving any writers’ email addresses beyond those that they may give in an article (please find it from their website link if their email address is not provided in the article.)

Although the Google advertisements present on our site are optional when reprinted, the annual restriction of 25 reprints must be respected when using our content.

The following terms of service, as well as any author copyright, require you to agree to pay any legal fees and statutory damages levied in the event that you breach them while reproducing content from this site. Please review the Copy right section of the UK website.

As long as you provide us 48 hours written notice (email, fax, phone, or snail mail) before you wish to renounce these reproduction rights from us, we will honour your request. You agree that if we can’t reach you, we may call your site hosting provider to do so. You will have 24 hours from the time you receive notice from us to remove all articles you have received from lietuviu.com and provide us with a written reply indicating that you have complied with our request in order to avoid further legal action against you and your company for violating this covenant.

Using automated scripts/software or methods to mine article material on lietuviu.com is strictly prohibited. You agree that we have the right to restrict your use of our site and/or membership if you violate our terms of service or membership agreements.

General Issues:

This agreement is subject to change at any moment by lietuviu.com without notice.


Liability: lietuviu.com and its parent business do not guarantee or accept any legal duty or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information or product on this website.

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