Top 5 Reasons to Use Botox

Are you worried about the facial wrinkles and creases that have started developing on the face over the last few years? Seeking an effective cure for excessive sweating? Have chronic migraines become unbearable for you? Or, uncontrolled eyelid twitching has started hindering your daily activities? Don’t worry, you are not alone. There are millions of people around the globe battling either of these issues. For most of them, Botox is the best solution. Yes, you have read it right; Botox is the top priority of millions of people battling these cosmetic and non-cosmetic conditions.

What is Botox?

Botulinum toxin, sold with the brand name Botox, is a naturally occurring neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. Though it is a poisonous substance, when administered in FDA approved doses by a board-certified, experienced dermatologist, it can help treat a wide range of problems. Primarily, it is demanded and used for eliminating fine lines and wrinkles that start appearing on the face overtime due to repetitive expressions. But doctors are using it successfully to alleviate numerous health conditions as well, including, excessive sweating, chronic migraines, misaligned eyes, uncontrolled eyelid twitching (blepharospasm) and pain management.

If you are also facing any of the above mentioned conditions and are not sure whether you should try Botox shots or not, here are Top 5 Reasons why you should decide in favor of Botox injections:

1. Look young forever

Whenever you smile, laugh, squint or frown, multiple muscles in your face underneath the skin contract to help you express your feelings. But over time, these facial expressions start becoming permanent, leading to formation of deep, etched lines that make you look years older than your actual age. There are various surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures available in the market to help you look and feel younger and beautiful, but none of them offers as instant results as does Botox. Botox injections are extremely helpful in reducing aging signs and symptoms by erasing unsightly facial lines and wrinkles. The drug works by preventing the wrinkle-causing muscles from contracting. The skin tightening caused by Botox injections is not only instant but also lasts for several months, thus allowing you to look younger and fresher even in your late 50s.

2. It can address other health conditions as well

As stated above, this naturally occurring toxin can also be used for treating various health conditions. These include excessive, uncontrolled sweating, chronic headaches (migraine), urinary bladder problems, neck spasms and lower back pain. When used for treating excessive sweating, the toxin works by inhibiting the chemical that stimulates sweat glands.

3. The results are instant

Effects of Botox treatment generally start becoming visible within a few hours after first getting the injection. However, peak effects can be seen after 7 to 10 days. So, you will notice a continuous improvement in the appearance of facial wrinkles over the next few days. Same is the case when Botox is used for treating medical conditions like hyperhidrosis, migraines, chronic pains or eyelid problems. All these conditions start showing signs of improvement within hours following the injections.

4. No recovery or downtime

Unlike surgical facelift or other abrasive skin resurfacing techniques, Botox treatments are non-invasive or at most you can call them minimally invasive. So, they do not require any downtime or recovery period. Botox treatment is categorized as a lunch-break procedure. You can come to the clinic during your lunch hours, get the injections and resume your regular activities immediately afterwards, with no pain or discomfort. You may experience slight swelling or bruising at the injection site, but that can be effectively alleviated by icing the treated area or by applying cold compressions.

5. Risks are minimal

Most of the procedures used for treating above stated cosmetic and non-cosmetic conditions have numerous side effects or at least require extended recovery periods. But there is no such problem when it comes to Botox treatment. The best part of these anti-aging injections is that when administered by an experienced dermatologist or cosmetic plastic surgeon, they do not cause any unnecessary side effects. Some possible side effects include slight swelling and bruising at injection site accompanied by headache or nausea. But they are all temporary and go away on their own within 24 to 36 hours.