Sweaty Palms – Myths and Facts

Everybody seems to think that sweaty palms are caused by nervousness and anxiety when in fact there are a number of causes for this condition. This condition is called Palmar Hyperhidrosis as it is localized to the palms. Most people may have come across someone who has this condition or they could be suffering from it themselves. It’s uncomfortable and embarrassing at times. At best, it’s very inconvenient because you can’t get a firm grip on things, literally speaking. So how do people get it and why does it only affect a minority?

Although the number of people who suffer from having sweaty palms is not an overwhelming majority, the number still make up a significant portion of the teen and older population. Is it caused by the onset of puberty? It may be as most of us start sweating a lot more at the beginning of this developmental stage. However, it doesn’t really affect a specific age group at all as even children can start having this condition and to those who have fortunately not gone through adolescence with it may still develop the condition in adulthood.

One reason cited is genetics playing a big role in determining who gets it and who doesn’t. Does it always run in the family? Maybe however studies can’t conclude it so. In later studies, more discoveries were made such as illness, medication, and psychosomatic triggers as being causes for sweaty palms. Illnesses such as menopause, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, and obesity may cause sweaty palms. Some anti-depressants may also have this condition as a side effect. Doctors will usually rule out illness and medication before moving down the list of possible causes which still comprise an indefinite and inconclusive list. Good news is that treatment for palmar hyperhidrosis does not depend on determining what caused it in the first place. click here

There’s an assumption that temperature shock to the hands causes sweaty palms to develop. When the hands are exposed to sudden heat and cold, the nerves are stimulated and therefore trigger the sweat glands to excrete more. This is among the many assumptions for which a term in English is yet to be found as there are no studies that show it to be so however credible a hypothesis it makes. Loss of control in fine motor skills such as twitching or shaking of the fingers or hands is also associated with this assumption as another symptom. It seems that nerve shock or damage is the primary cause for both sweating and fine motor skills loss.

Can sweaty palms be cured with homeopathic medicine? I wish. The known treatments for now are either expensive or only temporary, meaning they just stop the onset of sweating but not really cure the condition. Botox is a popular procedure as it is preferred than surgery by doctors. The results are better and there are fewer side effects than the earlier procedure created to inhibit excessive sweating.