4 Myths of Botox Treatment That You Should Know

We all know that Botox is one of the most common treatments in these days. Both men and women can choose this therapy to get rid of various skin problems like anti-ageing lines, wrinkles and dark circles. It is actually an injection that affects the muscles and reduces the shrinkage. It also reduces depression and tension. There are various misconceptions about this procedure. Most of the people think that whether they are best candidates for this injection or not. But, only you and your dermatologist will know that whether you are suitable for it or not.

Before, you give the first step, here are some of the myths that you should know-

1. The best time for this injection is when the lines appear –

This is a common myth for most of the patients. But, it is better to avail this treatment in the earlier stage so that it lasts long. Most of the surgeons say that individuals take help of this injection for preventive treatments. If you wait for long for the lines to appear, then it the professional will find it difficult to remove lines. Even certain facial expressions can lead to wrinkles. Thus, if you make them less, there are fewer chances that you choose this surgery.

2. You are never too young for Botox –

Age is just the number as you grow older. But most of the doctors report that this injection is often suitable for patients who are above the age of 65 years. But, as a teenager, your dermatologist may tell you that you cannot undergo this treatment in this age. This injection is not suitable to treat under eye lines at the age of 18 years.

3. Only women can choose this treatment –

There are people who think that Botox is just for the women. But it is not the original fact. Both men and women can avail this treatment to reduce flaws on the skin like lines, wrinkles and dark patches. Most of the surgeons say that each year more and more men are choosing this treatment to make them attractive and young as before. Wrinkles create an angry expression on the face of men that generally looks bad.

4. Botox is just to treat wrinkles –

This is not true. This injection is helpful to treat various other skin problems. It is not only cosmetic, far from it. It is also helpful in reducing migraines and tension. It is also useful in treating excessive underarm sweating and gets rid of depression.

These are the myths about the Botox injection patients should know. There are various clinics worldwide that offer this treatment at low price.